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"What do you do?" question:
I say I'm a Domestic Goddess." — Samantha

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  • A Typical Day: “It’s been the best choice for my family, but there are days I think a desk job would be a lot easier than being home with a one- and four-year-old.” — Diane A
  • Money Matters: “I don’t see myself as being financially dependent on my husband. He has the freedom to work and travel for his job because I stay home. I manage the finances. In a manner of speaking, he’s financially dependent on me!”— Molly
  • Sex and Marriage: "Having children [has] clearly impacted our relationship both positively and negatively. At times it zaps my energy, and I feel like I've been crawled over all day long by children, so the last thing I want is my husband crawling over me too." — Linda

Stay-at-home moms are often told how lucky they are "not to work." Yes, stay-at-home moms are lucky to be able to get by (even barely) on one income, but stay-at-home motherhood, especially when it involves small children, is nothing but work! That said, The Stay-at-Home Survival Guide is not a "mommy wars" book. (Sniping between and about stay-at-home and employed moms hurts all women.) The Guide was written to provide support, comfort and a forum to women who have left the paid workforce to care for their children.

  • The Work: “I’m not sure anyone can really understand it who hasn’t lived it. Even when my husband has been with the kids for a weekend alone, it’s different. The kids aren’t as needy with him as they are with me.... Besides, being in charge of the kids for one day is different than doing it for seven years." — Deb

The Table of Contents

  • Why is Stay-at-Home Motherhood Something to Survive?
  • Walking Away from Having it All
  • What's Great (and Not So Great) about Being a Stay-at-Home Mom?
  • The Best of Times ... the Worst of Times
  • A Day in the Life
  • Several Kids, Special Needs, but Still Just One You
  • Jack(ie)-of-All-Trades
  • Money Matters
  • Ms. or Mrs. Smith?
  • True Love + Kids = Real Life
  • Sex and the Stressed-Out Stay-at-Home Mom
  • Motherhood: Who's the Expert?
  • The Mommy Brain (or, Why We Often Can't Think Straight)
  • Get Me Out of Here!
  • You Gotta Have Friends
  • Surviving (and Seeking) Solitary Confinement, and Other Strategies for Staying Sane
  • Where's My Stand-in?
  • Making Your Comeback (or Not)
  • Proud Mamas: Taking Pride in What We Do

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